Hey y'all (Tennessee Greetings)

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Hey y'all  (Tennessee Greetings) Empty Hey y'all (Tennessee Greetings)

Post by itsjanw on Mon May 09, 2011 11:43 am

I have always lived in East Tennessee. I have a wonderful husband, who treats me like a queen. I have been married before and had my two older sons. David (30) and Joshua (28). I married Wayne in 1995 and had 3 more sons Seth (14), William (12) and Abram (10). David has two boys (no girls here!) So I am a Grandma, but my oldest grandson couldn't say grandma and has always called me "Grommy" I have my own personel name, He! He! I have many friends of Hispanic descent at my church. I teach their children in a class for 5 years and under, and some don't speak English and my Spanish consists of about 50 words. Soon in our Home Schooling my son will be learning Spanish, hopefully I will too! We live in a 74 year old farm house, on 4 acres in the city. A unique place, which I feel blessed to own. I love to research my family lines and have many, many heritage photos. My favorite past time is digi scrapin, no mess!! I love to put things together and create something. I'm so glad to join you and can't wait to see what I have to work with!! There is a alot of talent here! Jan

Hey y'all  (Tennessee Greetings) ContessalaFleurSiggy

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